Feb 14, 2017

Darla's Bad & Bougie

Goose bumps ravishes her spine;
ringlets shadow the back of her head. Wobbly legs attempt  to
step to a different harmony.
To erase the sad endings,
her ex's, so many ex's,

like  rows in a cornfield.
A quite voice inside speaks volumes.
As she buttons up her chiffon blouse;
a round C cup plump out.
Mother Nature endowed all of her creatures. And today Darla would be using her super powers for good, bad, and evil... She tugs on her thigh high boots.
The color meshes well with her olive hues. She had high hopes for this look.
Maybe it would makeup for her modest areas?
Doing a double dip of gel nail polish;
this would smooth out the edges
of being the new chic on the block.
She tilts the wand upward,  wishing for magic but triple lashes takes patience my dear. It was 3:00 already and happy hour at the local spot was on point.  Darla ran into her organized bathroom for the bottle of Aloe Vera juice.  Spritzing her coils in silent prayer. It was time for her to make a grand entrance into the dating world.
She wouldn't be satisfied until she had some sexy azz man salivating at the mouth, pleading for a sizzling date. But there would have to be fireworks!  He would know what to do and the exact words to say to make her smile. Darla did a snapshot.
This man had to really be on top of his skills for her to respond.
She's talking flowers for know reason, doing something out of the ordinary because he's that type of guy. And his spirit had to correlate with hers. Like two Indian Chiefs on sacred ground.  Darla knew she had alpha tendencies. That's why she's her own boss. However,  she just wanted to be treated like a rose. To be made to feel as if she is the only queen on earth.  Darla needed someone that made her shiver more than her special brew of  Chai iced tea. And not because it was Valentine's day.
It was time for a little companionship, toppled with a side of love. And she knew she had to let go of her past mistakes. But not Jake, he was not a mistake. And he also wasn't available.  Darla hums  as she smoothes on the coral lipstick.

All rights reserved by author

Feb 6, 2017

Two Hours of Heaven

Heaven doesn't exist, until you return, 
My future is but dusty roads and 
miserable love songs.
A house sitting on bricks,
The weight of my heart thus far,
Until you return, the night owl hoots: 
the state of my gloom overtakes me.
Why prolong the suffering?
It's time to heal the scars of petty arguments 
and egoistical games.
Come on home sweetie; 
I need my heaven on earth.
Thrust your dirty words and harsh nudity within. 
Let's ride it out until we cross the 
threshold of rainbows once again.
Cherishing colorful moments...

In our 2 hours of heaven,
You should know better than I that 
outside these walls is pure hell. 
I need to spend my time well.
Gripping the pearly gates, waiting for you to 
" knock, knock "on heaven's door.
My thighs shake thinking about it.  
I bet you're wondering if I'm still thirsty? 
I'm still thirsty for the nourishing fountain 
between our steamy bodies,
between a soulless ecstasy.
It flows effortlessly as we fly like two angels 
towards the sky.
You are my heaven, every hour of the hour. 
You are my oxygen;
the safety net I depend on.
So sweetie come on home.

By Jhp 2016-2017
All rights reserved by author