Feb 14, 2018

For The Lover In You

Whether your status is single, complicated or married you matter. 
One month or one day doesn’t define your happiness. 
Emotions are an everyday expression. Never forget it! 
It’s nice to receive chocolates, Big Teddy Bears and shiny diamond rings. 
However, to have someone’s heart is priceless. 
Forever is what counts at the end of the day.
Material things can’t create love. Gifts fade with thoughtless time. 
What about a smile, hug or genuine concern for another person. 
Be a prime example of single and free. Be a bright light of happily married. 
If it’s complicated than just be …. Take down your walls and open up for intimacy 
is a source of positive energy. There are several ways to share it. 
Create a space on earth, plant the seed in your head and allow it to bloom... 
Water and wait 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦water and see it become a sweet reality. 
Everyday is a opportunity to be in love.

By Jhp ©2018
All rights reserved by author

2 Hours of Heaven ( a revised piece)

Heaven doesn't exist, until you return, 
My future is but rocky roads and 
miserable love songs. 
A house sitting on bags of sand
The weight of my heart thus far,
Until you return, the night owl hoots:
the state of my gloom overtakes me.
Why prolong the suffering?
It's time to heal the scars of petty arguments
and egoistical games.
So sweetie come on home.
I need my heaven on earth.
I desire to hear your irresistable words
and feel your foreplay within.
Let's ride it out until we cross the
threshold of rainbows once again.
Cherishing beautiful moments...
In our 2 hours of heaven,
You should know better than I
that outside these walls is pure hell.
I need to spend my quality time well.
Gripping the pearly gates, waiting for you to
" knock, knock "on heaven's door.
My thighs quiver for another encore.
I bet you're wondering if I'm still thirsty?
Why yes! My mouth waters for the nourishing
fountain between our steamy bodies,
for the redemption of soulless ecstasy.
It flows effortlessly as we fly like two angels
into the night's sky.
In you I find my paradise, the oxygen I depend on.
So sweetie come on home.

By Jhp 2017-2018
All rights reserved by author

Feb 5, 2018

Love Letters

The gentle giant no-one can resist, fingers fumble to open it,
to listen at the rivers flow,
to feel the calm winds blow,
eyes follow line after line,
every page a taste of sunshine, 
truth pouring in pure affection, handwritten perfection,
of the deepest mystery, 
a tangible thing, no LED lights or digital screen can erase its beauty O' the heart of me is still  free to be, a silver lining of symbolic harmony, upon the pages, 
I cannot wage against
the candied promises or
ignore the ink gracing my presence,  for some words are best spoken in a love letter.

By Ms. Jessica Hughes
All rights reserved by author