Dec 7, 2017

All I need

I could be the special girl,
that catches your eye,
a delightful quote,
that crosses your mind,
a throwback song,
everyone should hear,
pleasant thoughts,
when you wish I was near,
I could be, a fast acting medicine,
for your achy toes,
or your best kept secret,
for the world to know,
you'd practice me like a ritual,
warm hugs five times a day,
a few posts on my facebook page,
that spring forth as flowers in May,
letting me know I'm worth it,
that you deserve a woman like me,
my sweet love, practice what you preach,
I need you to take me,
and swallow me whole,
make our love into a united triangle,
always coming together from each angle,
last, but not least,
all I'll ever need is to be
the woman you love.

Jhpoetry ©2017
All rights reserved by author

Make It Count

Time doesn't discriminate the,  like milk chocolate melting
on a hot summer's day. It will happen as sure as a boy
will grow into a man.
And soon he will wither in the wind.
Time keeps on ticking without favoritism
or preferential treatment.
"Tick tock,  tick tock" non- stop.
Neither one of us can turn back the clock.
If so, the white haired woman wouldn't need a cane;
a glistening paint job would never stain.
No one knows what time will bring...
Yet, we try to stop time with wooden picture frames.
We have our high tech stop watches.
But who really knows what time it is?
I know that time is precious to me.
If it should  standstill for you and I today;
what would it bring; an everlasting joy or eternal pain?
Would you prefer life didn't change?  Would  it be fair?
Time doesn't care for it moves forward and never looks back.
That's  how much of a boss it is.
That's  how much it dictates us down to
the millisecond of our very short breath.
I've learned to respect and appreciate its consistency.
Whether  rain,  sleet,  snow or shine for time is on time.

By Jhp ©2017
All rights reserved by author

Jun 24, 2017

More Than a Mile

Go the distance, far off in the morning,
Let my somber feet touch the soft carpet,
The sound of ramblings awaken the day,
Then you will be where my fingers cannot lie,
When my whispers possess a true identity,
And the seasons dare shame me,
And the rain is good for my suffering,
Then I can gently uncover the blindness,
You are a distance; the light is far off,
My steps do not hurt to walk like before,
For the wondering have vanished above the sky,
At ease I have no reason to ask why-
The leaf shall grow again- as did that funny valentine,
But, today I ask of you like starry blooming wishes,
To go into that field of maze,
Where I cannot find you, where I cannot lay

jhpoetry ©2012-2013 


Sometimes when the day is lonesome
I think of you...
And tears roll from my eyes.
The reasons why: injustice, prejudice,
hatred and oppression.

Sometimes when the night is lonesome
I think of you...
And tears roll from my eyes.
The reasons why: love, empathy, justice and

Sometimes when the evening is long
I think of you...
And tears roll from my eyes.
I wonder when will I truly see you smile.