Oct 31, 2011


Her callous shell, broken unto a thousand layers,
one after the other , they part the precious pearls,
flowing by the bay, stringing her further out to sea.
She clinches her clammy hand as the waves crash
against the cliff of high tides; the sharpenend rocks
doing more damage to her mind, body and soul.
Each clash was different from the last. Like dolphins dive
long, rough, short and soft departures into blue saltwater...
She sulks her mended wound onto shore borders.
Here, she kept pulling herself together, telling her
spirit there was a safe cove to hold it all inside.
Until the broken spirit slid onto a seagull's back, drifting
off the edge into a useless day of fresh, breezy sky.
Still, she returns to paradise, settling within
a typhoon lagoon of a million teardrops.
All she ever needed was embedded in her soul's rushing water.
Where destiny told her of true pain and healing as she laid her
torn jewels down by the seashore.


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