Nov 20, 2011

I'm His Soldier


I am his soldier for a righteous cause.
And his power is my shield and sword.
When my battles become to big.
He is always there, uplifting my head.
Even when I became a  lost sheep
The love he radiates surrounded me.
As my fears laid to rest, I am happy to confess
that I'm truly blessed, laced in a courage
dress on a Sunday morning.
My heart is brave enough to say "Yes" to
the spirit within. And my mouth shouts
unspeakable joy of wisdom.
But, you may call it foreign language. Well in
all things you may find yourself searching
for the truth. People do change and so can you. 
For there came a time I felt heaven was only
an illusion. Because of the devil's lies,
misconceptions, suffering and confusion.
Still my Lord rocked me in his bosom.
How wonderful is this overflowing gift,
To receive an extension of heavenly bliss.
When my mind began to conceive like the flowers,
birds and the bees. As I started walking in faith
and found the strength to believe.


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