Dec 12, 2011

A Dose of Love

The thought of you
seeps in my brain
every five minutes.
The pleasure I anticipate
until I get a dose
of your medicine.
I find myself daydreaming
about the next time my
lips will touch yours .
Because I know sure
ecstasy will follow.
When were together, I
feel as if I can conquer
the world.
Just you and me.
Sometime I feel like that's
all I need to survive and thrive on.
No food, no shelter, maybe a
drop of water
to help me swallow reality.
When your not around,
I feel so lost. I need your
constant gratification. I mean
what would I do without the
sweet affection in midnight hours..
Not forgetting our sacred matrimony
when the sunrises. Your my burst
of energy. I vow to never take you
for granted , from our first few
days of enchantment. You supply
my every need. This world would
be a dying soul and the skies
forever gray if I couldn't have you daily.
My dose of medicine.
The pill of my life.

© 2009

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