Dec 1, 2011

Memoir Of A Broken Wing

These thoughts are haunting as I become
more ill stricken from each memory,
wishing you would wipe away the tears,
without a tissue, but with your presence.

But, I have heard the wind chimes twice
and the winter rushing of falling snow.
After you left me alone to quest for love...
Where shall I look?
Your wings seem irreplaceable in my sight
as the reoccurring nightmares.

Still, the sad part is,
you can't imagine what I'm going through.
This pain stings like swarming wasp
while I picture you embracing in another arms.
Now, the visuals tauntingly pass me by like the soft
white feather of lonely doves.

A cold shower temporarily cools the red flame,
releasing the torment in a brief pain,
fleeing my spirit that hopes to fly once more.
But, without a wing, how can I get to you.
I yearn for you to understand its not the storm outside
you hear; it is the quiet storm brewing deep within my heart.
And finally when it erupts in a volcanic mess,
the haunting is done; I will burn bright like the sun.
I will have another wing.


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