Dec 5, 2011

Uncertain Journey

Everyone has talked about their journeys in life.
How one decision caused that to happen or
this choice made a huge difference of some sort.
I usually listen to the interesting ones; the rest go
in file thirteen. I hardly ever speak of my journeys or
actual plans. When I do not know where the day leads
to an end. I would like to be able to say next year
I will begin my autobiography of something of this nature.
The truth of the matter is life has made so uncertain.
So whatever I do, I do it minute by minute. And I'm
not ashamed to admit I get the jitters...hairs standing
on edge from panic which has been thrown at me. I have
glimpsed my fate at one point and seen, wishing I could tape
over the conclusions. But, these roads are nothing but
delusions of space between here and nowhere. As the
mocking bird's song fades into thin air.  I have heard boasters
pride themselves on navigating ships, making their own footprints
in the cement of this cold, cruel hell. However, being unsure
makes me tread carefully. Therefore, I enclose my arms
around me as I open my door and walk the streets.

People may see me as on guard or unfriendly , but this
is actually my defense mechanism. I feel we are all innately
born with them. Still, there came a time when I had to
say  "Que Sera, Sera" and relax myself in the mist of whatever,
allow me to strut full speed ahead and live to the fullest of my
ability. Don't get me wrong, I'm no cream puff when it comes to
awareness, cause people are quick to chew you up and spit you
out like a bad taste. What I do know is my destiny I cannot totally
control. It is the man above’s journey through me that helps to
soothe my soul at night. He is my source of guidance which
shines the light. The one whom makes my path much more clearer.


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