Jan 16, 2012

The Reality

From the celestial elements ensued a positive enrichment.

Where penetrated walls of animus and anima became a depiction.

While the negative implantation aimed to erode bone increments,

The impoverished people proceeded to strive for development.

Transitioning like radio waves over midnight streams.

Voices shouting and others droning "I Have A Dream"

Hormones began to fluctuate as marching lives were put at stake;

For the selfish man spoons his ice cream and eats his cake.

Still, a people exist from abroad, blending their blood by the melting pot.

They shame the naysayers, overseers and those who prohibit revolution.

To look inside a perilous soul requires evolution.

Yesterday was a ground breaking moment; today the light shines on atonement.

Although, racism is steady climbing; the devious oppressor pushes behind it.

There will be an aura of rebirth. There will be a dawning peace on earth.

When the ignorant shall learn and the Truth is discerned.

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!


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