Jan 30, 2012

Ice Castles

And there was a sudden silence, after the screams of verbal violence.

He enjoyed playing it rough, beating me up until deafness became absurd.

Coming to conclusions like ice castles in a summer's rain,  trying to

reason through the pain when there was none.  We chattered until teeth

shattered inside late night quarrels.  Most of this to prove a point...

To gamble our future on who would fold first. A proud finger is raised.

I'm amazed I've lasted this long. I've been telling family members their

dead wrong for wanting us to stay together. As if I would live comfortable still

feeling like a slave. They only vision fair weather. The brick house on the corner; 

daddy is barbequing on the patio, and the children running around outdoors.

However, before I become a snapping bean , I quit! The venomous syrup has

been drained , dumped in a bucket and slung out the window.

Yes, there was guilt by association, but what is a wife to do after vowing

for better or for worse. I claim for the better; this is why I'm giving him a divorce.

Even tho, we've been separated for years, I still panic whenever I hear--

the chaotic voices, door slamming noises in my ear.


 Stop Verbal Abuse!

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