Jan 7, 2012

My Letter To You:

There  was no final goodbye, see the way it hangs in limbo,

like a short sleeved shirt on the clothes line during a morning freeze,

like a dust bunny that rolls around the house from corner to corner,

as I contemplate if someone will sweep me off me feet after 

you put me down.  My feelings were the toy of your heart's desire. 

Until, something killed the fun.

It was sudden as a loaded gun to the head;  sweet pillow talk or 

the harmonious  sound of the Sax I would have preferred instead.

However, it takes two to tango, move to the rhythm of a beat.  

Did you know I can dance all alone in symphony? 

This is not the first time I've been lovesick.  Sorry to disappoint 

you darling, but I'm game to new tricks.  Dear, Mr. Wrong...

My plans are bigger than the shallowness you practice.

The Atlantic ocean runs deep in me. The Empire State 

cannot describe my mentality.  I love passionately and tip 

the scales of Liberty. I don't like limitation on such things.  

Now that you know---  Now that you understand---- 

You may receive a post card from the Cayman Islands.  

The place where I imagine myself while suffering  

from the breakup of whatever we had.


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