Jan 3, 2012

A Seed

The sun rays beam down, withering stems and breaking branches.
Just like the seed by the river, in need of nurturing; it hopes and
prays for a blessing.
A draught of pristine water would suffice___
And its glory could begin.
However, it awaits, from dusk till dawn, sunshine to moonrise,
for a sign. But, amidst its agony; surrender calls for defeat.
However, this particular seed listens only to words of encouragement.
Remain Steadfast... Be Strong...
As the winds began to stir the river,
the ripples from the rush fall onto the ground.
Inch by inch, the seed is moistened, sinking further into fertile soil.
It has the courage to grasp root, spreading its wings as an eagle.
In springtime, the flowers bloom and the leafs are full of Photosynthesis.
It is ready for the world; a mighty tree planted by the river.

"The Gaping Sky"  jhp©2009-2010

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