Jan 23, 2012

"Special Love" A Collaboration by JHPoetry and King Judah

Special Love (Judah)

The very night I saw you
My eyes was intrigued by elegance
Our eyes connected with adoration
My soul was in deep appreciation
I met you in the middle of the room
I asked you to finally dance
There were chemistry mixed with romance
I melted when you held my hand
The ballroom seemed to stop to stare
For it was a beautiful woman wrapped in my arms
I wasn't going to allow the music to end
Baby o could if dance with again and again
When you laid your head in my chest
I stopped breathing for a second
This was a feeling a longed for
I always wanted to know this special love
You are my hum in my song
You are the icing on all my cakes
I can taste you and never get enough
You are a brand of special love
You are the night without the rain
You are my summer breeze
My total being cries "I'm Free"
That's why I love to cook for you
I love to have your bath awaiting
I love to kiss your sweet toes
I'm in love with you my special love

Special Love  (JHPoetry)

The very night we met,
my love froze in a distance.
For my eyes were mesmerized by your light
so bright as the crystal chandelier;
Like the twinkling sensations in the sky.
Our bodies swaggered left to right in harmony.
You caressed my inner being as toasty air.
On this this winter's day , wishes fall like teardrops
as our avalanche quake from a burning desire.
I had to taste you and I savored the flavor within.
Who cares if others stop and stare.
I have been kissed by a male rose.
He is a one of a kind.
And every day I am grateful for his inspiring lines.
Our energy suspends magical nights in wee hours
Now I awake in romantic ink.
He continues to empower me.
I'm his Queen and he's my King.
We have discovered a special kind of love.

All Rights Reserved©2011



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