Feb 20, 2012

Everlasting Love

Grant me the existence of knowing everlasting love
A season come and go yet unstoppable.
And the world turns on its axis; the trees bare leafs
as well as fruit.

Allow that chain to sound in our time.
Discourage the corrosive breaks;
and the callous hearts to befall us.

Resist the secret departing mist
which fragrance the jaded of sight.
For it is withdrawn as shrinking violet,
Nothing more than a harp string of split wires.

It has to be more, shall it cling like the
fairy god-mother in fairy tales.
Be the superhero in comic strips flying to save the day.
Still, it must be real, felt in every waking moment.

Your heartbeat when you are close to me.
Our freedom as fresh as the air we breathe.
The calm in our spirits as something fits further inside.
Grant me the existence of knowing everlasting love.


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