Feb 29, 2012

Queen Of The Night

She has come to punish the night.
She is the Queen of Hearts.
The mistress of fondling pleasure.
The fingers of melting ice cream and wicked pastries.
He loves to see her in the nude. He loves to taste
her delectable side samples.
But he must wait for her signal.
The fire glowing behind the crescent moon.
He shall push his love in her darkest desire.
And she will steadily rock him at ease.
Every soldier falls to his knees as she maneuvers
the rising sun. He swallows the lump in his
throat. His playground of naughty thoughts awaits...
She is such a temptress.
The insatiable conquest he as yet to conquer.
Her prowess of feminine power exudes in the chamber.
As she beckons him to please and be pleased with a
mischievous grin. She is the mistress with a strong hold.
The passion he can't shake.
His weakness for a scandalous delight.


"Lust" for Gooseberry


  1. i like this poem, it is concise and evocative...

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