Feb 13, 2012

Soul Train To Heaven

Another good one is gone on, Whitney Houston has her peace

where we all must meet someday. There is no paying your way in

with an abundance of money, emmys and grammys. No one

truly understands what sorrow hid behind her glamorous

smile, gorgeous face, and slender frame she carried so

elegantly. Whitney was the personification of a songstress.

A bright and morning star.  Her voice was pure as gold.

Her lyrics flowed effortlessly from her vocal chords.

America heard the melody of an angel.  There will never be

another one like you Whitney  As our former sisters and brothers

who have already rode the Soul Train to Heaven waited for you... 

I can picture Don Cornelius hosting in the clouds, while Luther ,

Gerald, Heavy D and the others welcomed you into a loving atmosphere.

No one can criticize your faults, tear you down on the television screen

or radio anymore. And Whitney you can only feed that kind hearted spirit,

with the best of what God has to offer forever and ever. I know you are happy.

You have finally achieved a permanent set of wings. And for those of us left

here on earth, we will say a prayer for your grieving daughter, Bobby Kristina.

We hope she pulls through this devastating event safe and sound. And when

the time is right, may her shattered heart heal itself with the precious

memories you and she shared together. Sleep well sweet one,  the storm

has passed. Sing ...Sing...Sing...

A Tribute To The Recently Deceased
Ms Whitney Houston

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