Mar 7, 2012

Just To Be Sure... (free style)

Just to be are still there and I am still here
I wanna a small argument, later we can make up under
the sheets. The next day you leave me sticky notes on
the table, chair and stairs .Saying those three words
showing me as well...Although we've been together for
years , I still vision the young man who made me lose
my mind. The one who stole me from the world . As we
had our periods of secluded paradise.

Just to be sure... you are still, there and I am still here...
I wanna talk on the phone, video chat occasionally. Like
strangers before we actually met face to face. When
everything was fresh and exciting. It was my favorite way to
start the day. You was that special something I looked forward to.
Now, we've joined together, sown our seeds in purity. Both of
us are raising them to the best of our abilities. I want them to feel
loved year round. 365 days of the year....

Our family is like a team. We stick together through
the good, bad and even the ugly. Yet these questions
plague me. Would you fix me a bowl of soup if I felt ill?
I would bring you a warm blanket if you caught the chills.
Inseparable, that is what I want from me and you. Doing
what we said we would do before a hundred or more people.
Let's make ourselves proud. But most of all, let's make our
Lord even more proud.

I'll still cook your favorite foods. I'll still touch you in the morning
because I know the right spots that cause your body to shiver.
Would you do the same for me? Take me out on the town for
dinner and dancing... Or we could snuggle together after a
long day and watch a good DVD. Perhaps listen to some soft
music on CD... Just to be sure nothing is hurting our love because
I'll fight for us baby. I need to know I'm the woman that does it for you.
The one who can put a smile on your face just by looking at you.
Are we still like that? Both of our spirits together as one. But, I'm only
human. I need reassurance. I need to know you feel the same as I do.


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