Mar 14, 2012


Why be afraid to involve yourself? You must be involved to feel 
the pleasure and pain. To understand what it requires
and desires of you.  As you carry it along your travels-- 
people will notice this disposition you have.
They'll want to embark upon this array of colors which
seem to burst from your inner core. At first, they may be somewhat
hesitant. After all Passion can be scary. Like an oncoming
storm, sudden cardiac tension. However, it is far more 
beautiful than anything else. The power of spoken words resonating
an area after recital of a poem; a kiss on the nape of a neck. 
Those comforting gestures that can turn a bad day into a good one. 
If you have any gumption at all, then you will not let it go. 
It will become a part of your DNA. An acquired taste like the richest 
Swiss chocolates, the finest wines produced in the vineyards of France. 
Yes, it is alluring as kind fragrances that breeze; 
those mysterious hazel eyes. 
You can't help but to overindulge when it hints upon your soul. 
Open yourself to me it whispers. Let Passion have its way. 


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