Mar 26, 2012

A Small Get-Away

In my secret realm,  I lie between lilies and carnations.
In my bare essence, I touch my soft skin
to feel if it is real,  to help remind me of who I truly am.
But, I'm only inches away from the real world,
where escape can only be made from purified thoughts.
I leave my troubles behind my grand entrance.
This is the spot where serene moments float in the air.

As I run a warm bath, the droplets of oil soak in.
I begin to take look around.
My decorations appear like works of fine art.

My steps feel as good as a foot pedicure.
And the background music is ole school r&b.
I'm at home, finally... sliding off my jeans, holding my aching head.

However, the phone rings, it's him on the speaker end.
Softly, I inform him I've just gotten home.
I need some alone time for an hour or so.

As I relax in my chamber, humming along to the sound.

Nibbling on some fruit, cheeses, easing it down with white wine,
There is a pleasant delight in everything I see.
My imagination is wild and free.
It's crazy how I can lose myself in the simple things.
At least until I went into the kitchen, "gosh" dirty dishes are in the sink.
The trash needs to be emptied. Then he knocks,  I tell him
I have a thousand chores to do.
Gently, he takes my hand and plants a love kiss.
He tells me continue to relax because he's on my wish list.

It's wonderful when that special person knows when to step in.
You don't have to say or do much for them to understand
what you really need. 



  1. This is lovely. The soft reflective voice is seductive. Am absolutely in love with this!

  2. thank you my poetry friend. glad you enjoyed!