Apr 2, 2012

Already Sold

He sold me a bag of oranges that had been
bred with grapefruit. Of course I bought them;
they were a dollar less. The bag was labeled
oranges. I was trying to get a bargain. But,
there were several loopholes he had locked in
to keep his world going.

I dug hard at the pictorial sky and asked the
clouds were they pure, before the rain started
to interfere, getting nothing but a wet article
stating, "protect your car from acid rain."  As I read
on "the ozone layer is leaving: use sun block today."

No more shade, no more parades...
All  we get are: protests,  marches, lynches,
with misfortunes hanging from a fortune cookie.
Ah! I close my windows trying to steal the air in
one big huff. Still, I fall short of breath, lacking
oxygen from polluted exhales.

Where is the pure, sincere--the innocence?
Evaporated away as incense smoke, not
even a new born babe smells good anymore
because his or her mother chose to defile
her insides. These shortcomings, they won't stop
chasing and trying to catch me.

He puzzled himself-- within the portals of my soul.
He tried to buy me out, but I had already been sold.

I recognized there is only one pure divinity.
The one who controls the universe.
The flavor that can change a bitter reverse.
Yet, they blaspheme HIS word; HIS household.
They wish to break HIS blood like a
porcelain idol.

These days I shop using his fake paper,
eating organic food filled with steroids
to pump me up. I'll be nice and fat as his
plan has that affect on my body. Do you
understand genuine isn't for anybody?
Unless, you have been purchased by
the highest cost.

One day you'll take up your cross.
And everything will be perfectly true.
It's hard to envision as a few will do.
Still, I got to see it for myself.
I'm sold out.


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