Apr 22, 2012

A Fairy Belief

Yesterday, I saw two fairy birds.
One gently flew me a note
about an invisible castle up
on a hill. My legs trembled
before I sought what could not be.
As the midday rush peaked
behind a slight shine of dusk,

my heart beat faster in pursuit of this
magical wall, where pellucid brooks
benevolently called upon me. I held
my breath as the azure sky vanished.
Patiently, I waited for the rabbit act:
fall out of a hat, eating golden carrots,
boldly laughing in quiet thunder.

Like stirring anger, I yelled. It is a lie!
Love is not love. The ground trembled
and shook my frown. Why did I come
to this forsaken frontal lobe?
Deep within the temple of my psyche...
Still, his lips curve my appetite.
Delusions are at arm's reach
like hues of chocolate cake with
yellow undertones; the sunflower seeds
and greenery that calm a soul.

He motions me on a carpet ride.
We sigh, cooing in the wind
as poetical readings fulfill our yen.
I listen to the slake rapport.
Rolling my fingers around his locks,
He has definitely raised the bar.
I'll croon to that... He tips his hat
and ask for one ravishing dance, farewell.
Yes sirree, despite my intentional doubts,
I often watch for the fairy birds.



  1. Beautiful Prose. I do hope you are going to link this up at 3pm eastern time with dVersePoets Tuesday is their openlink night, you can link on any subject you wish, just add a link back to them at the bottom of your work.
    This is too good not to share and be seen by more than me. :)

    1. ty so much for the invite and lovely comment. However, I had difficulty w/Wordpress.

  2. i like how you go back and forth. this is just how the mind works, especially, how you have the line "Why did I come
    to this forsaken frontal lobe?" which is very "brainy"

    wealth of laughter senryu

    verification makes it really hard to comment. you'd get more comments if you turned it off. i had to do this several times to get it to work.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed this piece. hm, about the verification dunno but will check it out. ty