Apr 20, 2012


Greatness , rides off into the sunset.  The warrior who is destine to break

barriers along its path. It is the moon's light in darkness, full and round.

Like a compass which guides uncertain hearts onto a tranquil shore.

A promise which has finally been kept; an unfiltered smile on the face

of a child. Greatness is prayers for the sick like singing angels.

The aura of one's vessel as it communicates without speaking.

Or maybe a small promotion that's been rightfully earned through patience.

Often, we allow our happiness  to drift afar as we dream about what

could be ours.  We listen to those who've laid down in the dirt and covered

themselves in a hopeless search. Individuals who have shut out small amounts

of this noun to potion in the vile of an impossible spirit.  We are resilient people.

A strength which can produce a beautiful flower in winter's clutch.  A love mustered

even when broken time after time. This is what defines our reflecting mirror.  


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