Apr 12, 2012

Lady Blue

A woman of poise tries to
balance her scales of life
especially, when it comes to
her affection and pride
she longs for a god fearing man
one mature enough to understand
what love is about

and it has been a stretch for her
salacity is easier to consider
temptation harder to resist
as she see families together
man and woman holding hands
love seems to surround her lonely heart

on many nights she has curled up
in a ball, sometimes a warm blanket
instead of a stranger's fondling arms
she can't settle for the emptiness anymore
because she knows she deserves better
than what she's been taking

as her quivering flesh is calmed in sleep
she savors her wide hips, curvacious body
her attitude is self preservation
she's been on too many joy rides,
her mind filled to capacity with the greeting cards
none of those encounters were truly in it
for the happily ever after...

from dusk to dawn she knows she's
lacking something besides --a cup of coffee
her soul becoming chilly as the music softly
plays a melancholy about her house
for her solace, a warm cup of tea
for love, a romantic book to read
Miss Lady Blue

"The Gaping Sky"  jhp©2009-2010

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