Apr 27, 2012

Now I See


Yesterday, there was love in a dazzled heart
For I had spotted you among some shimmer
Freely, I was blinded by your spots. I hid in your mind.
I was to busy worrying about what you thought of me.
There are no flaws , no bawls in a diamond paradise.
But in due time, it was crystal clear as I seen it for myself.
You are not my shining star. It would not go out.
And if it did --the next night it would return the same.
You are not my heaven on earth. If you are than
why do I feel like hell when we are together.
I close myself inside and let the ache take its course.
O' how I've been burned from pouring my heart's blood.
I spilled my guts to you. I shared my world.
Like a naive girl, seeing love before her eyes.
Too bad for you, the woman in me couldn't hold her
disguise any longer. I came to you in truth and asked
for it in return. Serendipity must have left before I met you.
I should have ran...fast and furious from a conniving man.
Your flesh reeks of foul acts. Your spirit is perverse.
Still, I'm not the judge. I can't hold you accountable.
Everyone has a judgment day. My right is to forgive you.
So I put on my big girl panties; tell "common sense" to
step right in and kindly give you a sweet goodbye.



  1. Wonderful piece! Tells a story of a dazzling love and the pain and sadness that comes with disillusionment and the realization that in order to be truly happy and whole again there has to be a letting go of what was once thought of as paradise, and has now become a personal hell.
    Been there, done that and I'm so much better off for having been able to let go. Very well written. Be blessed!


  2. ty so much for reading my work. I'm glad it held your attention. pls come back to visit and check out my poetry books online at Lulu.com. Sincerely, Jh