Apr 5, 2012

Someone Cares For You

The hearts of men have been sabotaged
but it is overdue for carelessness to come out
pulling at the softheartedness like a planets force field
opening the rib cage to free the suffering bird

Compassion- flowers the safe haven, uplifts the desolate soul
purifying the water that flows through us as a whole
an absolute inspiration for those who desire tenderness
someone cares for you , I want you to know this

At this moment, it is reaching out through different avenues
administering upon callous pathways, being a hero for a day
in some form or another, whether physical or mental
the spectrum of hope leaves a colorful impression within

Like peace signs before war, treating fresh wounds
It is the Nourisher, regenerating our defiant generations
as the stubborn feels the urge to love again
reading from the vessel of a pen, swimming in harmony's sea



  1. My bro Neo Poetry need to read this one. This is right up this ally.

  2. Hello Arcane and ty for reading my poem. Do share but I must let you know I am a female (big grin) Have a lovely day and visit again. Sincerely, Jessica