Apr 8, 2012

The Tale of Babel

Great city that rules
there is light..many lights
roaming the alley ways
pavement street lamps
everyone tucked away
in cabinet of habitual stance
still you fall to your knees , praying please donot cease my country
broken teeth , bleeding gums
flourish upon the tulips head
she has finally fallen, he hears not her cry
hides a twinkle between her thighs
mud huts, brick buildings crumbled to dirt
do you hear the same sound...high above ground
Where is your Ruler Babylon!!! Here is your Baby who hasn't learned.
A city of unwise men; a city of sin. But, you won the golden Olympics
The whore of whores has ripped apart her corset and
shut her legs for the trees to breath fresh air.
There is foul flying about her, waiting to attack the red gown.
Buzzards circle a blue sky: build a temple in the clouds.
Build it to be torn down. Hump the bump...
You thieving whore...you steal and cut off our arms.
Who is your ruler? You have none but a loathing woman beaten in the street.
She lived in the streets without a home. Everyday in shame you closed your
window of pain and hate. NOW we all must pay without rubies and diamonds.
She has fallen dead to sin, never to rise again.
Holy art thou, holy hypocrites pricked by thorns, bled out a heavy heart.
For it is dark, lonely, broken and taken. There is no light in Babylon.
A Great country has fallen. Call the oppressor, the lovers, 

the unrighteous lambs. They will not hear soaring angels. 
They are here to slaughter the precious lamb.
The trumpet  shadows an awful cry. Babylon has been destroyed in thine eye.
The Great City that resides in you. Bella, Sadie, James and Dan, 

purchase a weapon for a plot. Then dance all night-- out of mind, out of sight 
until it calls for you.  Buzzards circle a blue sky, build a temple in the clouds
Build it to be torn down . Hump the bump...
The whore of whores has been ripped to shreds. Babylon is finally dead.

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