Apr 17, 2012

Walls That Talk

rhapsody contours of you and I
as you tenderly rub my breast
I affectionately massage those firm
muscles before me, infatuated
and fixated with an intimate high

taking in all the heaven
bodies woven in a lambent ball
we became more intense
like time -- forever moving
humping and hot kisses
upon the wall, where musty
arms clapped , cheering us on

our clothes were abstract art
designing a mural from juicy paint
finally you plugged cupid's arrow
inside of me... so succulently sweet
as we slid in and out of thirsty love

a story was told in few words
about a man and woman
who laid by the riverside
wrapped as one big silhouette
exchanging shakes for moans
where the cares of the world faded
like night ceasing the day


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