May 14, 2012

Between The Lines

His confabulations were captivating, full of substance.
I could sit all day, discussing theories,
philosophies,  and sundries with him.
His scrumptious features changed ever so gently in
each sentence. To try and maintain self control,
I inadvertently started cracking jokes. 
After laughing hysterically, there was silence.

His eyes did a snapshot of my thighs. My mind
saying , all you gotta do is say yes. He cleared his
throat and asked  if I had ever been seduced before?
"Of course I have silly", I strongly replied. He rubbed
the fine texture of my skirt and I reciprocated by moving
his hand in between its slit. I could be a feisty
lady when the moment was right. And it was on time.

The day was growing late. The stars were watching
from above. I told him it was a pleasure and I hoped we
would meet again. His flight wasn't scheduled to leave
until tomorrow. Before I could walk away, I felt his massive
bulge rear end my buttocks, fondling fingers
ran up my leg. As he reached for my kitty, it was
dewy, aching, and purring for his meat. Whispers of his voice
resonated in my ear. "You are so gorgeous, so sexy."
"I want you."

Um,  I led him into my dreamland . He was ready to
be soused in my richness. We groped , tugged, and
pulled on each other until there was nothing bound.
Let me...he commanded in a low tone of voice.
And I did as he swam in the pool of my white-hot.
Those fervid hours seemed like paradise within my body.
My legs moved like lightning bolts; his mouth roared
like musical thunder. We were the perfect storm.
Both of our needs being filled to the brim of satisfaction. 



  1. this is reallly beautiful♥

    how are you

  2. ty so much for lovely feedback. xxx's