May 7, 2012

Junkie Memoirs

"I swear," he said
I'm taking off 
like a kite
magnified pupils
catch me if you can

giggles and binges
serotonin lies
needles cry inside

goosebumps jumping
hugging crack corners 
succumbing to the norm

visions of birds
fading in dove's light
one more time, maybe twice
mind bending
infringing moods

content cloud--numbers move
crazy face, breezy day
happy hour..every hour
false courage and power

Whose suicidal, not me?
I have 12 steps
you need 14
go ahead and leave
 (((shooot))) I'm clean
fresh as that linen weed
red eyed, lazy iris
I have nothing to hide 

"Is this what we're about?"
"I love you", I'll provide
C'mone...try it
cheek to cheek
heaven speaks

voices low
sweat reeks
groping for more
wait... wait... 
I need it...not you

I'm sorry, I'm real sorree
gulps last drop
abandoned building
seizures back
jerking memories
I'm lost, so gone
but I love him

more than saccharin
I've sniffed
pill popper drops
under concrete suite
sleep walking for weeks

to the edge of hell
 back in her cell
tinted dopamine 
love me, hate me
my lover gave me

degraded, worn rags
life's a drag
HIV stats
black petals
red flags
drowning in sand
so called epidemic


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