May 10, 2012

Mother's Arms (freestyle)

Mother's Arms
chase the blues 
situation played out 
melody sings her song

painful knees too
rubs the bruise
black night falls

Mother's Arms
lips of virtue
precious silk flow
in her honey hive

she plaits and plants
cooks and cleans
washes your spirit

Mother's Arms
scolds disrespect
like hen pecks
puts perspective
in sour candy

Mother's Arms
hips sway, dance
with laughter
a smile of ginger
as the silent listener

Mother's Arms
cries from storms
oily rain, absorbs her opal 
makes lemonade 
through her prayers

Mother's Arms
only wants the best
for you she will accept
the joy of future lineage
grands and great grands

Who is more blessed
than a caring mother?
Nobody but you....

For Mother...
soar kisses, like birds
be there in her need
lay out the red carpet
watch her glow in age
thank God for Mothers


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