May 28, 2012

Only Love

Many seek the finer
yet, I yearn to possess
the most precious asset called Love.

For what is my true purpose in longing without beholding Love.
It does outweigh the heaviest bars of gold.
Though, thy shimmer as my sight sets upon thee.

And the dollar is light as the spring wind on a chilly day.
The feel of your caress after we dine in evening.
A soft and tranquil feeling.

Yes, the ticking organ amongst our chest walls sustains us. 
Still, it cannot maintain good health eternal.
Sooner or later we shall depart like mist of dew upon tin roofs.

But, the heart of mind contains Love.
It chambers like the hour glass.
It last until the end of time.
For the continuous pours of sand are endless.

And many thought I to be contrite for suppressing worldly delights.
That I was naive to some human affection.

However, my patience will not be in vain as the scorned harlot.
My thoughts will not be shallow as those whom try and taint Love.
For someday we shall meet at any given moment.

I'll sow you.
I'll harvest you.
I'll take good care of you.

If you can hear my whisper in between night and day, than search the
earth until we are face to face.
I'll be here until a season beckons unto another season.
Come and be filled with my merriment.
And I shall grip you with an iron fist.


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