May 2, 2012

Someone Special

 At one point, I was in a deep funk.
deeper than coral reefs...
Until , a special person came into my life.
He fornicated me with loving images,
overshadowed my fabricated lies like
painting a new universe.
He restored a vibrant spirit.
A shine that I had lost sight of__
He gave me that extra push when
I needed it the most.
We weren't  lovers. But, cyber buddies who
developed a beautiful friendship.
Although, we lived many miles apart,
I took what he said to heart.
Everyday, I applied his kind words and
nurtured my scars. I still hear his lullabies.
They console me as I keep going,
pushing back the scum that had bullied me.
The ones who told me
your life is never going to change.
It's funny how I managed to prove them wrong.
Everything is different. Everything is better.
I felt much better after our video calls.
Even when we had nothing left to talk about.


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