May 24, 2012

The Sweetest Thing (freestyle)

He didn't call Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
But had the nerve to ring me on Monday.
Talkin soft and meek like he ain't done nothing.
I'm confronting him over the phone. 
Like what's up? He replied "nothing" with
no regrets, no feelings and so on. He made
up a sad story about his stubborn lies. I cried
inside. This time was the last time tho. 
I wanted him to be angry, feel the pain I felt.
I wanted to make him beg to kiss my azz,
lick my pussi squeaky clean. So tonight,
I'm gonna be sweeter than the woman he
had last week-end. This is my assumption.
I'm gonna be this man's cake, icecream,
and candy. I'm throwing in some extras.
Remember, revenge is sweet. 
Just look at me (laughing) I lost the love
in the air he breathed. There is no love
in between my sheets. That's why I'm 
dropping this towel. I'm giving him 
a sneak peek, before he get deep into me.
Listening to his foreplay like the quiet storm
on WFMA. Naw, I'm not happy at all to 
tell you the truth. But, I will be after I do what
I gotta do. I know you shouldn't do wrong
for wrong. Maybe we're not right for each other.
Got me worried, messing wit my poetry flow.
Nope, I got to get this off my mind.

"umm.. yea boo I been watching you too"
  I'm glad we hooked up.

((towel drops)) tearz start rolling in the 
back of my head as he started to slow
grind me.

I didn't care, I finally gave my man something
to be interested in. A beautiful, dishonest, and
whorish woman. I'm telling you gurrrl I had the
cake and he ate it too. Both had their fair share.
Ain't that some shitz  fa ya. Revenge is the bomb.
The sweetest thing I've ever known.


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