May 28, 2012

An Uncertainty

I held a dream
in the palm of my hand
a watery illusion
capsizing like eye floaters

blinking... at the water

as it ripples by
I paddle harder and I try
to keep pace with time
think more than twice
putting inside- out
onto the streets

I have debated my defeat
it doesn't mean much
makes for great rejection
constant joggling
riddles me the questions

staring....  into outer space

answers fly like buzzards
picking what's left over
after the happenings
are cooked
the battle is fried

someone is the victor
they have plucked my palm
and boated my dream
now I capsize for something

bring me the ironing board
as I smooth the dare devil
back and forth___there 

the unknowing is just what it is
eating candy like a kid
it's hidden deep within

it's somewhere I refuse to go


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