Jun 14, 2012


Because you are ugly...

I keep my distance;
acquaintance can lead
to bad habits.

Because you are ugly...

I am aware of your presence:
every action, word and gesture.

Because you are ugly...

Your speech poison minds and
corrupt the lives of vulnerable

Because you are ugly...

You have no respect for beauty.
You are unable to see a positive
outlook on life. You make
it your business to degrade, ridicule
and condemn others to hell.

Because you are ugly....

I say a special prayer for you.
A person unwilling to change yet
this Hostile energy you hold and release
at will.

"At first I was afraid
because I didn't understand
the power of evilness.
It's not something to be taken lightly.
However, my faith has become
much stronger as you pushed me
closer to my Father with every vile
encounter. I have learned the Lord
permits us to be exposed to unpleasant
people, places and things so we are
are better able to recognize Beautiful visions."

"Someday, I hope my Beautiful deeds
will bear witness that restoration is possible.
You are stricken with unclean spirits and the
only remedy is for you to repent. Everyone has
sinned and succumbed to unrighteous temptations.
I ask that you don't give up, he will see you through
until the end. I'm not judging but sending you a
message. No matter what bridges I may have to
burn, burdens I must bear alone or obstacles I have
to overcome; I will remain Beautiful in his eyes."


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