Jun 30, 2012

Infinite Love Lane

"Many roads I've traveled but to find
you my love. I had to take the highway 
and bypass heartache. Listen close sweetheart
as I elaborate on my journey. "

It was near dusk and the moon was ansy to shine.
My headlights were on bright as I bypassed the off ramp of depression.
The blood in my veins was pumping for passion as I lightly slowed up 
merging into traffic. I drove further, rolling on my thoughts, paving a 
spot for my heart to park. It was suppose to have been a "joy ride"but 
I had a mood swing as I moved on.

I turned onto "Sultry Avenue", the steam from the street moistened 
my skin, sun-kissed sweet. There were men falling on there knees 
begging for a dance, a last chance romance but I had done that 
musical collaboration before so I kept going. I drove for miles and 
stopped at a rest area called "Dreams Fulfilled." 
There were drivers from all around the world. 

We stood around as the sun rose above the skyscrapers in 
the clouds. After a few minutes and few gulps of spring water, 
I found myself back on the highway again. From a distance I could see 
a caution light, I felt lost and confused because I didn't want to miss 
my exit. It was my time, my turn....My sweaty palms gripped the steering 
wheel as I passed through. However, just as I thought my path was clear, 
I came to a fork in the road. Which way should I go reverberated like 
visual words. Would I lose this love before it is discovered?

My instinct was burning the lining of my guts as I made the right turn.
There were smiling faces, lonely teardrops, flowing gowns, bleeding 
hearts, passionate tongues pressed against my windows as I slowly 
proceeded not to hit these ghostly pedestrians. I was exhausted and the 
exhaust system in my car was about to blow. Quickly, I traveled along and 
came across an officer signaling traffic. He politely asked me, 
"which way are you heading maam?" 

I told him I was trying to find "Infinite Love Lane." The street for 
those people who are seeking that one mate to make their lives 
complete forever and ever. Luckily, I was only a mile from it. I went to the 
left, my heart dropped because ahead there was a dead end sign posted. 
With a lump in my throat, my mind started reversing into sadness. 
I put the vehicle in gear and began to back out of this ending road.

to be continued...


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