Jun 19, 2012

The Last Wag

Night dawns, easing out of that 
forsaken crawl space; the
flea and bug bites have torn my fur.
Still, I'm not falling for the cheese trap.
That is what happened to Freddie "sobs"
I miss my buddy.  I'm so hungry.

Those dang rats bullied me out of a
fat cat around the corner.
"squeak squeak"
I'm usually not this noisy. Well, unless
I have to make a early morning run. 
I prefer my small world in between the
walls chewing on electrical wiring to
pass the time. At least until I can get
my grungy little paws on something 
to eat. I'm starving! This is bad...real bad

Could these people at least consider
me a house pet? Maybe leave a few
crumbs in the cabinet. Basically, I can fit in
the palm of "Ole dudes hand."
You'd think humans would be more apathetic.
Me a pest? Never.. I'm not even sociable.
Oh my, a dark spot I've found to squander 
while everyone is asleep. "squeak"

No lights please, it frightens my tiny little
tail. Now it's time to make my move
OMG! I can't believe it! What's that?
A peanut butter sandwich; the smell is alluring, 
deliciously tempting. (scrambles across the floor) 
(SNAP!) "We got em honey, you can go back 
to bed and rest your pretty little head." 
Poor mousy...


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