Jun 6, 2012

My Playmate

Fond of you
playfully kissing , rubbing foreheads
like toddlers in innocent clay
sand castle skies, lemon meringue pie
My lids are misty
dreary, as I ponder
put asunder cubicle years
red toy trucks, swing sets
wet grass, moonshine dance
running, climbing, taller and higher
Where did we go?
Did I miss you so?
Or you I?

Among the vague transitions, I say
riding the waves, more than
a crouching tiger
we crept to play
love...love ...
blooms with your name
My dear friend
dark , masculine tanned
I yearn for..
In the eve of day,
words in place,
Are you fine, okay?
Red wine fine,
Unable to speak fine,

Thoughts stare
Like frozen soda pop
licorice sighs
as my toes
glance back at the playground
tossing my freesbie
jumping rope, braids tighter
than my itsy bitsy curls
Oh dear friend, night calls
like the reaper.
Petals wither as air blows across the lake
Another day, another day of infinite sun.