Jun 18, 2012

Rich Girl

She always gotten her way.
I stood back and watched.
It wasn't how she did it or
whom she did it to. It was
more like whom she did
it with. I guess?

She's a goner for sure. 
Yet, I'm the one looked
upon poorly because 
I was forced to use plexi glass.
I know it's not as pretty as
a glass house but much safer. 
Especially when they start
throwing stones at your window.

You're so beautiful.
I love your hair.
Those shoes are to die for...
(abusive alliteration)

Riches aren't her downfall, they
never were... It's the world upon 
her shoulders, the pressure
inside and out. One more shove
"they shout", begging her to
flap invisible wings.



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