Jun 12, 2012

Road of Pursuit

To him I write this letter
In a whispered loom
The one whom kisses
Shall drench me upon lips crust

As splendor softens my touch
Our bond of senses
The ting of light chimes
Which lures the awakening

And I will follow his lead
In precious moments
As the desire merge
That hydrates each striking flame

He companions me as such
The swan in his lake
A cool mist of fire
In our passionate pursuit

Together we yearn for love
As day come from night
Teasing the damp rain
Where winding roads gently meet



  1. Brilliant aesthetic sense used in the poem... Nice expression of dualism of nature's elements. Enjoyed reading!

  2. ty Amandeep for coming through and showing your support.
    I'm glad you enjoyed this piece. jhp