Jun 26, 2012

When Said and Done

the dust has settled...

I'll be there as before, cold feet and hands
waiting for the chance to warm your somber spirit,

reflect upon you like a sun shower in mid summer,
I'll be there, stitching the pieces back together, needle and thread by the bed,
while angelic melodies back draft, soothing your worries and cares,

the dust has settled...

like a cold sweat breaking a high fever, 
killing silent cries one kiss after another, 
seeing the elation in your eyes when you have looked to find me sitting here

to find me still wanting, needing you as if for the very first time, 
and it will only get better as days go by like gentle waves upon a shore,

the dust has settled...

there will be not erratic stirrings, but a subtle rotation of natural cause and effect, 
love will be known for more than its heartache
more than an occasional outing or late night rendezvous,
it will be more powerful than those three words that makes the heart move,

for we've sealed  the deal with a brighter origin, 
yet there is more to maintaining a happy home than spoken promises
we've cleansed ourselves, made it pleasing for the mansion upstairs and 
that's why the dust has settled....

for the past has been conquered from what was said and done.


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