Jul 6, 2012

Another Round For Life

An adjusting voice and musky scent has lured me to the tattered window.
In hopes it dazzles me brighter. To ballerina my spirit to higher heights.
This window shifts at the blink of my sight - carnal desires. 
For yesterday, the rain poured me into a fish bowl filled with bubbles. 
I was drowning in companionless brood. 
And then you peeked through my endless sheer , champagne me like 
a waterfall. Your mellow tones keyed a musical that illuminated this mind, 
body and soul. That's when I realized it was you. A lavish gift put before 
me from a heavenly window. You are the quiet storm I wished to urge 
myself into-thus quenching my fire.

My heart spoke to me as I shut out the deaf and dumb. 
I specifically coasted in your direction, when descending whispers 
meek and tender flowed in the portals of my earlobes. 
From that day on, my grayest days vanished among your yellow 
flowers. You brought the light to share with me. 
May we gambol another round in this unforgettable duet we've had 
for years. You've read my book of tears and I've kiss the pages upon 
your mind. This world feels much more secure when you and 
I are together.  May we be- those candy written letters which sweet 
the taste bud of our mouths. May our love- sun each morning flaunting 
butterflies and blooming gardens.

As we caress and stroke roses lubed in happiness; 
our thirst lost within the burrows of each petal.  
Until, the picture is clear from the outside looking in, we will pursue 
what keeps this force of nature strong.  I can't deny...  
You are the man which eagles the sky for answers to our prayers. 
The man whom maintains his cool like peppermint candy laid under 
his pillow. The only lover that squeezes me until I'm breathless. 
And I can't help it. My body cringes at thought of you flying solo. 
Oh no sweetie...We're a power couple in and out of the bedroom. 
We're not letting our paradise tremble to these petty squabbles. 
We're not falling victim to those thieves who inch to salvage 
our joy at night. So bring back the heat so I can tempt you down as 
we go another round for life.


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