Jul 2, 2012

Dear One

Be still , be calm for me when I cannot sleep-  rest in serene
Tho, silence drapes the world of noise; my kept thoughts I cannot void.
Therefore, I coo about like a troubled angel.

At certain times, I fantasize about daydreaming-weary and tired,
within my disillusioned paradise, moping in darkness unpacified
this rude dramatization...

Splashes of water hit my face,
peculiar pills lined for a race,
I toss them in the air as if they'll run off in secrecy.

Therefore, you must sleep well for me,
rest- easy, pray in your dreams,
like a fathomless wish drew from a well, permit me to swell.

Refresh my spirit like the waxing candle.
For it glows, burns slow until the night has ended. 
A beacon of light before the day has risen.

For my imagination is wild, mesmerized from the outside.
But in reality, I'm hoarse and weak, sapped of energy. 
However,  dear one, you must pray for me.

In my blessed days to come, my worn, torn soul will form,
when the sound breaks before me; 
a thousand pieces will shatter sleeps
Finally, dear one, I shall have a beautiful peace; I shall have a dream.


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