Jul 23, 2012

Infinite Love Lane (the conclusion)

I woke up to a shining star as the morning dawned a new
day for me.  Although, my ankle was still swollen, I could move
around without feeling like a cripple. As I soaked my desert
skin with drips of honey dew, I came out of the shower
smelling of fresh melon. I spritz my hair and decided to add
a slight flair with a piece of weave. He wouldn't notice and
besides it matched my sundress.  I and Kem were suppose
to meet at the "Farewell Cafe" for breakfast. To dance our
last dance, to sing our last song with passion in our eyes;
before we waltzed in opposite directions. It was permanent and
the harmony among us had only begun. His song I could
listen to over and over. It was a classic.  Ugg.... who am I kiddin?
We met by accident. Why did I have butterflies? This was
something I couldn't explain.

The cafe was  about a block up the road. It was 10:00 am and there
was no rag-top convertible in the parking lot. There was no need
to panic. He was probably running a tad late. I decided to go inside
and order a cup of coffee.  " Black and strong", I told the waitress.
"That's how I like em." my coffee... as she gave me a strange look.
While there, I checked the small town cafe out.  I had few extravagant
words for the place. However, it was affordable and was given
a grade "B" by the USDA.  I had started to become fidgety. Thoughts were
racing in my mind. Maybe he changed his mind? What if his flight plans
changed at the last minute? The coffee became more bitter with
each sip as I sat and waited.  I had wore out my welcome like the wood

chippings inside the building. It told of its old age. It was foolish of me to
even consider a total stranger as a possible mate. It was foolish of me to
think Kem would have the butterflies like I did. I felt stupid.

Back on the highway, I blasted the music. It always made me feel better
when I was in the dumps. But today, nothing seemed to work.  About
a few minutes later, I could have swore I saw a rag-top convertible
in my rear view mirror. Yes! I yelled as Kem doing about 75 mph drove 

up honking his horn. I signaled at the next exit and he followed.  
As we pulled into a gas station, I couldn't believe it. This man was full of 
surprises as he gave me a dozen roses with an I'm Sorry card.  I told him 
it was not necessary but he insisted. Across the highway was a nice 
restaurant.  Kem stated, "he would like to buy me lunch". I thanked 
the ever so blue sky for bearing its good will for my gas tank needed to 
be filled. My Camry which I called "Pinky" because of her magenta color 
had been with me for years. We've traveled many miles together. 
She was like a kid sister.  Oh yes, back to me and Kem. We walked in and 
was seated by a nice waiter. Kem explained he rescheduled his flight 
because he actually wanted to spend more time with me.  Tho, he was 
dressed as if he was going on an Australian safari, khaki suited him 
well and the material appeared breezy.

As our food was being prepared we did small talk. He complimented my
hair do and stated the sundress brought out my high cheeks bones. My
heart melted. Was this man trying to get between my legs?
I wasn't complaining, but  I needed to know seriously what this man
intentions were for me. He displayed interest, but that wasn't enough. 
Not this time... This time I was in it to win it. I had to get my point across.
I needed to muster up the courage to do so and soon.  Dinner was fabulous ,
the desert  was divine.  Kem asked if I wanted to drive down to the beach 

with him, but I declined. I also explained to him I didn't drive for miles 
to have a fling. If so, I could have stayed in New York. Kem snickered, 
American women, are always assuming.  "Do you not feel a spiritual 
connection to me?" " Did you think our accident was just an accident?"  
A lump was rising in my throat. He was going deep, hitting the core where 
no man had chose to go. I stuttered, "I do feel a connection Kem.". 
"I was unsure of your feelings."

It was all happening so fast. My world was spinning into his paradise.
The colors vivid and bright as each syllable uttered from his sweet lips
I longed to kiss. Before I knew it our lips and hands were joined.
We had created each link to our fence.  I took a big risk and went to
the beach with him. He told me not to worry, due to the fact he owned
the property and two other resorts in surrounding areas. I didn't wanna
wake up.  It isn't everyday a handsome, rich, middle aged man yearns
for a woman of color especially a dark skinned woman such as myself.
"Jessica, you are beautiful". You remind me of midnight with no stars,
a gorgeous wonder. "Let me be the man to find each hidden star."
We stood on the pier and then he proposed to me. The four karat diamond,
flawless as the ocean was at the bottom of my glass of Cava.  In an
instant all doubts vanished on a cold winter's day. With Kem , there was
nothing but spring... spring in the air. On the way to Spain, I happily reported
I would not be returning to my job.  I was on the wings of love with
"Infinite Airlines."  I was relaxed as I took the small piece of weave from
my hair, feathering my fiance's chest. He'd giggle and smile.
I loved to see him smile.

The End


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