Jul 12, 2012

Infinite Love Lane part 2

I could tell the day was gone. I had started to nod off and my back was
hurting like hell. I had to locate a place to sleep. At least the "Hot Spot" 
 motel would do, to brush the rain off  as it begun to drizzle.  The steam 
from the pavement rose like wild flowers. All I needed was a hot shower 
and a bottle of coke.  I headed down the hallway with my ice bucket. 
"Wham!" Out of nowhere this door hits my leg almost knocking me 
sideways. The perpetrator was very apologetic and offered to call the 
EMS workers. But, I felt okay. The ice bucket would have to 
serve two purposes.

I slammed the door behind me. Why me! Why me! As I laid across the
bed sipping on the last drop. Suddenly , there was light tap on the door.  
It was him, the jerk who like to have torn some ligaments. I opened up, 
hmm, I could see him much clearer since the pain had eased. Gosh! 
He was gorgeous, handsome, and a bag of chips. And here I stood 
looking and feeling like a rag doll. He seemed overly concerned about 
my leg. I promised I wouldn't sue, everything was cool. He laughed and 
asked if I would like to sit and talk in the lobby. OMG! His pearly whites 
liked to have blinded me for good. It radiated from his roasted pecan skin.

"Sure" I stated, I didn't want to seem desperate. However, I might as well
make the best of things while I was there. We talked about an hour. 
He told me he was suffering from temporary insomnia. 
((What could be keeping his fine behind awake?)) 
I smoothed my kinky ball back. And then I finally asked the question 
I had been desiring to ask. "Where are you going?"  He stared deep into me, 
I felt my leg shake as if I had been a naughty school girl. He whispered, 
" I have flown thousands of miles to find love in America." They told me 
of a road called , "Infinite Love Lane" “It was to suppose to lead me to 
the love of my life, but as you can see I have failed."

My mouth fell open, speechless, he thought I was becoming sick.
No way, I was stunned by Deja Vu. Could this be true? Were we 
destined to meet or was this gentleman a decoy in my search to find the 
man of my dreams? After I came to, I confessed I had been there also. 
It was a heavy secret I had to share. Well then, may I see you in the 
morning  uh... "Jessica" it has such a beautiful ring to it. 
"And you would be?" " My name is Kem Burantino." 
As I hopped back to room 222, I would sleep well tonight.

to be continued... next the conclusion!


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