Jul 5, 2012

A Sunset

It has the tranquility of simmering words.
Enough to add a flare of warmth.
As it sets and cools; gravitating downward.
Into the ray of beams which pierce the retina.
It is sat, stirred unequivocally shaken
Those calm emotions that seduce the
most studious of sensual roars.
Even at ease, the stimulating gestures it
creates in a glance. A bait for the naked theme.
When it glistens over disturbed waters.
They ripple in fascination like carnations in rosy-pink
saturations. To adore the pathway to any door.
It is these times when it is still. No where to run
from passionate advance.  Although darkness has come,
there is radiance between tied tongues.
When shadowy blazes conquer two in one.
When a stranger shines alone before dawn
to leave the speechless tone in agonizing maze.
As the sullen walk directs unto another place.
A desire to run into the sunset. A threshold to call home.


a piece from my book "Echoes of Heartache" @ Lulu.com

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