Jul 10, 2012

Unspeakable Joy

Standing in the prophetic ecstasy of glory. 
My fingers wide, unwrapped to embrace anyone with a hug. 
To accent the language that he has delivered from above. 
In this world of reeking havoc. I can't have this swimming in my soul. 
Therefore, I backstroke with raining tears of my past and preserve my future.
Trouble don't last. It never will. If you see through the blindness my smile 
of zeal. Then let a little light shine on you my brothers and sisters. 
Yes, trials test our faith. Most trials are equipped to see if you are up for 
the challenge. Can you say yes at this very  moment, I am ready? 
The Lord gave us two hands, I used the free one to hold on when the 
other was tried. But now, these lips speak and pause as if I am a catalysis.  
Maybe I am? Whether or not, I give thanks to King Jesus who invested this 
sweet power within.

My voice showers the epitome of a loosed woman in spirit and truth. 
I've back slid too, the scent from my flesh told of my hypocrisy and lies. 
However, there's always hope if you drink at the precious fountain and 
eat of his bread. O' glory be to the Almighty, I'm back on track again like
 an Olympian runner. I'm running this race to earn my necklace
of divine honors.  For I am justified by the approver thus far. 
I swivel , singing a bird's song.  I praise him with all my strength and hands 
that the devil couldn't withstand  the sweat from my saliva glands. 
This feeling reaches beyond the heart. It is more than harmony. 
My need is for all those who've lost their way to lift 
up their heads and praise Thee.

However, the change is gonna move you like a moon scooping you 
from the inside. It's gonna to cast a light on all those locked doors, filled 
with shadows of mankind. That's why I got to press on, possess the greater 
love that shall abide in me. It's in my nature like a earth angel you see. 
As my tongue stream truthful confessions at the alter I stand. 
Before everyone... earning my crown of gold, believing in the streets flowing 
with milk and honey.  Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bones ...
I ask of you to accept this lifetime invitation. And trust me my dear 
people, it is contagious. The need for you to seek his kingdom first has 
become my endowed infatuation. My unspeakable joy!



  1. Word, may he guide me through my life as s/he has you. stay real goddess. bzzzzz

  2. thank you sweetie for the inspiration and lovely comment. I'm glad you enjoyed this piece. smhs