Aug 1, 2012

A Coat Rack Monologue

Get off of me will ya!
What I’m really trying to say
is why don’t you hang out with
me today? What do you mean?
I know I’m just standing here.
I thought we could share a brief
period of intimacy. Maybe get
to know more about one another.
Unlike those whom visit, they treat
me like a nobody. To them I’m a
stainless steel butler. I am something
besides a place to sling a hat ,
full of crappy problems and coats
filled with pocket change. This
better be good. Oh no, not another
load of love stories and financial matters.
Do me a favor and get yourself a new set
of friends. These losers or weighing me
down.  And please stop at Wendy’s.
Buy me a burger, fries and shake.
Can’t you see how thin I am?
What? That’s what I’m here for?
Why you!!! (door slams) I meant….
Use me… Use me I say, but don’t abuse me.
Use me…. C’mone, pound me with tough
leather and feather light umbrellas.
I’ll take the pain. I’ll drip the rain.
Just be there for me , at least until I’ve
held you long enough. Until then, I’ll be
standing here, hanging around , moping
in a quiet corner. If it wasn’t for this
teens baseball cap I’d be bored crazy.
Hurry back!  Can you hear me? Please
flicker the lights and tell me you’re home
for good.  Ahh…. So where’s my shake?


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