Aug 6, 2012

Beacon of Hope

Beacon of hope, shine your light
amidst the huffy clouds.
Chandelier his love as rain prances
the ground.  Share the glow, massage
into our flesh bountifully. Shed your gleam
across the crystal mountains, fields
and valleys.  May the light caress the
cities with lamps of serenity. May the
shimmer bless the country sides with
flashlight infinity.
Beacon of hope, tower like none other can.
To reach every man, child, teen and woman.
Cease the hatred and slay it unto the pit
of darkness. Bring forth your spark,
that empowers the dead and rebuilds
the carcass. The kind of miracles
which leaves doubters awestruck in
the morning.
Shake the earth with your grace
and mercy every day we live. And the glare
shall bounce off blind faces at will.
The masses will soon see a brighter horizon—
rising over the gray. For the gloom shall be
evaporated like ancient B.C. An illuminating
stream pulsating lucid water into our veins.
A torch lit vessel that shall imbue mankind.


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