Aug 7, 2012


I wanted more love
and it consumed me so...
that the fire turned cold
there was less and less
for me to give

for the hoots and howls
embarked my aching soul
threw my blazing embers
into a fireplace of ashes

still, my sheathe burned with passion
I was ready to receive
blaze my temple like a bonfire
and it consumed me much

I forgot about love, only the thought
the thought kindled my failing heart
it captured my mind like wildfires
as far as I could see

love shouldn’t have boundaries
yet, I’ve been bound
my thirst parched from carnal desire
I was enthralled by the thought of love



  1. Any inspiration and understanding of love ima come here. you make love readable from my perspective. bzzzzz

  2. ty Le Hornet for reading and the nice comment. pls continue glad u enjoyed! sincerely, Jhp