Aug 20, 2012

Truly Yours

Flip the switch
Red light, green light…
What’s your pleasure?
I’m truly yours tonight.
Everything I do will be
done especially for you.

I have old school, new school,
the kind of music you might
wanna freak to playing in the back
room. I hired a babysitter for me and you.
In hopes it would set a romantic mood.
 C’mone baby let’s get in the groove.

My love, you should take advantage
of this offer. This ticket is good for
one night and one night only.
I’d hate to be lonely.
I’m yours truly…

Can’t you see how I’ve made
up my face, took the precious time
to redecorate the place.
I even baked your favorite cake.
The wine is chilled and my cuisine
is great.  It’s my pleasure to
serve you and wash the dinner plates.

It’s not often I get the chance to pamper
my man, I want this particular occasion to
ambience in your head. So lay back and relax in
your milky bubble bath. I’ll eat every floating
strawberry; you can count on it.

Whether we cease this time enjoying
our company or loving each other in the boudoir 
of our home, as long as you are happy that’s all 
I want. There will be no blaring television or
snoozing at all. Flip the switch baby because
tonight, I’m truly yours.