Aug 9, 2012


The rain comes spewing out at full force.
It refreshes my soul and cleanses my spirit.
Washing away all impurities of a day in the life of me.
I reach upward as if I am holding a vase.
My mind in a trance. I open my mouth
allowing warm droplets to bounce from
the tip of my tongue.
This is the place to which I retreat.
My sanctuary from the cruel world.
I get lost in my wet dreams.
Only the sounds of the waterfall I do hear.
A soft harmony to my ear.
I close my eyes, and with my arms stretched
wide I feel free. Let the rain pour down on me.
As the water begins to chill , I reach for my towel.
Opening my eyes, there is a beautiful end to my nakedness. 
I step back into reality, and rigorously wipe the tears from my face.


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